Printed circuit board designed by San Jose based Quick Precision Design

Printed Circuit Board Layout

Based in Silicon Valley since 1994

How Can We Help You?

We have done it all -- gigabit speeds, tight form factors, mixed signal circuits, RF, power supplies, consumer products, motherboards, daughter boards, as well as the common, simple boards that are needed by most electronics manufacturers. We can do the board that you have.

There are a lot of vendors that can design PC boards, even the complicated ones. Our driving passion has always been service. We believe that the reason for our success is that passion. We commonly do quick turns and pride ourselves in meeting your development schedule. We'll work nights and weekends if that's what it takes to meet your schedule.

Quick Service is useless if the finished board doesn’t perform. We have years of experience doing boards quickly without compromising quality. We have quality assurance checks while creating part footprints, netlist checks during layout and checks after design to ensure manufacturability and electrical performance.

How Else Can We Help You?

Quick Precision Services is our second company to help you with your fabrication and assembly needs. We bring the same level of service to manufacturing as we do to design. We can relieve you of the hassle of lining up shops and fielding questions. You have a schematic and you want a finished board – we can do that for you.